Where can I find nice yet affordable dog clothes online?

Question by : Where can I nice yet affordable ?
I am looking to stock up on new winter clothes for my dogs, can anyone tell me where I could find some nice yet affordable clothing for small dogs online?
Lol, they need clothing since 1 is a hairless CC, hence no furry coat.

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Why buy clothes for dogs when they are BORN with warm furry COATS?

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    • Ken
    • March 21, 2012

    That’s the problem with buying clothes for your dog.

    You get the dog a nice smart coat, and then you need a matching hat.
    Then you get some nice shoes for it, and need to get it a matching handbag.

    Before you know it, this is what you have…




    • March 21, 2012


    They’re not bad. I can never find anything to fit my Pug who has a short back and a thick neck so im taking sewing courses and gonna do my own stuff eventually but if you can’t find what you like on pet365 try Ebay or Amazon etc 🙂 I would say petlondon, urbanpup, elmoswardrobe etc but some of their stuff can be a little pricey.

    • Jessie
    • March 21, 2012

    The Pet Edge website usually has reasonably priced clothing for dogs.


    You can also try Overstock.com, ebay.com and amazon.com.

    Sierratradingpost.com has a much smaller selection, but it had wonderful prices for high quality dog outerwear (coats, rain jackets, etc. )

    • Liza Armstrong
    • March 21, 2012


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