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Image by National Library of Scotland
With the regimental standing proudly on the ambulance’s mudguards, this photograph shows a pair of smiling nurses – or drivers – standing in front of a ambulance. These nurses belonged to the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY), which was established by , in 1907. The lack of a windscreen would have made driving an ambulance such as this quite a hazardous task, while a starting crank can also be seen at the bottom of the ambulances radiator.

The highly decorated acted as a link between the front line trenches and the field hospitals. In addition to running field hospitals and driving ambulances, however, they also ran canteens and set up soup kitchens. With every able-bodied man needed by the armed forces, women suddenly found themselves doing jobs that were previously held by men – though most of the early female recruits were drawn from the ranks of the upper classes. However, many males, often conscientious objectors, also served in this organisation as drivers and nurses.

[Original reads: ‘SCENES ON THE WESTERN FRONT. First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. Two mascots.’]

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