How does the dog adoption process work?

Question by bruins682001: How does the dog ?
My wife and I are thinking about , but I am not sure how . We are kind of iffy about whether our apartment complex allows pets. There are people that have them and there is a part in our lease that says that we can't have pets, but there is also a pet addendum that says that we can. How does the adoption process work? Does the shelter try to contact my apartment complex to confirm information or what?

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Answer by ontario ashley
Not usually. Every shelter is different. I think typical is that they ask you what your living arrangements are like and leave it at that. Obviously you will need a breed that does not require a ton of running around outside. There are a few shelters that actually do on-site visits to your house/apartment, but I think that is fairly rare.

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    • Dalmatian Rescue
    • March 6, 2012

    Different rescues have different process. Most require a home visit but do not contact landlords.

    • Elle
    • March 6, 2012

    The shelter will want proof that you are allowed dogs. The process varies depending on where you adopt your dog. If you go to your local humane society they are so overwhelmed with dogs, they normally will just look up your complex and give them a call to make sure it’s ok. You fill out your paperwork get a dog license and you’re on your way with your new pet. However some of the nonprofit private shelters are a little more strict. They may want to make sure the dog is a good fit with you, the may do home visits both before and after you get your dog, request to see your vet records to make sure the dog is getting health care. It varies from place to place, but it is worth it, I have 2 dogs that I adore one of them from the local SPCA and they are the greatest companions.

    • snagelfritz
    • March 6, 2012

    You may want to see if pets are OK, somewhere down the road some Bimbo/Jerk may complain. Then, where I live we Adopt for $ 50 and this includes a Certificate to a Vet to have the animal Spayed/Neutered which it has to be done. That not a bad deal, mainly the adoption fee is to have the animal “Fixed”! My sister had a pet shop years ago and we worked with the Shelter to find homes for the animals. She got so many Dogs now it crazy, but, she loves animals and tries to do what she can to make a real difference. Many talk, very few do!

    • animaniac
    • March 6, 2012

    My friend adopted a dog last week they sent an inspector tp her house to see that the dog would have enough room and that it is safe for him.Then if you pass the test they give the dog a check up and you pick it up.My friend has a HUGE garden though I’m not sure about apartments you would have to get a really small dog like a Yorkie or a jack russel.
    Good Luck!!!

    • Nikki T
    • March 6, 2012

    Yes, the shelter will need proof (with a phone call or with a letter on company letterhead from the landlord) before they will adopt any animal to anyone that rents.

    If the shelter does not require that, check with your landlord BEFORE you adopt, or the dog may be homeless again.

    • Mazy
    • March 6, 2012

    If you live in an apartment, most shelters will require written approval from your landlord. Check with a few shelters in your area. Every place in different

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