Dog Obedience Training Commands

Article by Shawn Almgren

Teaching a is very essential to the relationship between dog and owner. This is because it makes it easier to communicate with your dog, thus being able to immediately eliminate any behavioral problem. Also, being as loyal as they are, jump at any opportunity to please their master, compliance with your is one of them. This also makes playtime and walks more enjoyable, you have better control when he/she is meeting or interacting with new people. There is no end to the joy a properly trained dog brings.

There are many techniques used to obedience train your dog:

* Clicker

* Dog Whispering

* Leash and Collar training

* Positive Reinforcement

The Benefits of having an obedience trained dog are many:

* You will feel much safer, knowing that if he darts away from you for some reason, you still have voice control over him

* You wont have a problem with him meeting new people or children under your supervision.

* There will be a clear and concise understanding of who is the leader, and you will have his respect.

* It will fulfill the needs for mental stimulation, quality time with his owner and physical activity.

Without it

If you are a dog owner it is important to understand that dog is more of a requirement than a luxury. Situations where individuals own dogs that do not have usually end up in disaster. The most affected by this situation is usually the dog. Listed below are some of the negative effects of having a dog without dog obedience.

* The dog is constantly being yelled at for reasons he doesn't understand. this makes your dog constantly uneasy and usually gets worse over time

* Your dog can lose respect and no longer see you as his leader, challenge your authority and become violent

* The owner may get frustrated and take him to a shelter or in some cases give him away or let him loose. This can also lead to the dog getting put down.

* It becomes unsafe to have your dog around people, because you have no control over his actions.

* Your dog can feel unwanted, become depressed (yes dogs become depressed), run away and become a stray

* Your dog won't be able to be close to you and your family, simply because he believes that everything he does is wrong and there would be no means of communication. He would feel more comfortable being distant.

Basic guidelines

When it comes to obedience training your dog it is important to understand the basics in how dogs think and how best to communicate with them. This will make the process easier and be quite mutually beneficial. Below i have listed some of the basic guidelines for successful dog obedience training.

* Have patience dogs learn differently. Master ONE command at a time, then move on to the next one.

* Only discipline or punish your dog when you catch him in the act of unwanted behavior, Otherwise he wont understand what he is being punished for. Timing is very important.

* Remember to praise and reward your dog every time he does the right thing, this helps him understand that you are pleased with his actions.

* Train him for a couple minutes everyday maybe 10-20, not too long, make them fun, short and precise
* Test out your trained commands occasionally in places and situations that differ from his training ground.

* Learn what gets your god energized, knowing this is crucial when attempting to train a dog.

* Ensure that your family is on board with you concerning the dogs training. You want a clear and consistent message being sent to your dog at all times.

* Understand that Obedience Training takes time and lots of repetition, don't be impatient and expect your dog to learn everything quickly.

* You are always the best person to train your dog. Your dogs expects you to be his trusted leader and he will give you his respect.

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