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When you talk about you are most likely thinking about the female; after all she is the one carrying the pups. But did you know it is equally important to think about choosing the right stud for her?

Good quality studs are difficult to find, and if you settle for the first candidate that comes along you may not be able to produce the best pups. There is a lot of competition in the dog world, and if you have a stud you need to make sure he stands out from the crowd.

You need to make sure your stud is in top condition. Have him certificated by a vet to confirm he does not suffer from any joint problems. The ideal age for mating a male dog is the same as for a female, i.e. two years old, although younger will also have a tendency to mate. You should also have your stud's eyes checked regularly to prevent any issues which may arise with his sight.

Abnormalities are quite common in dogs, especially among certain breeds. To increase your chances of success you will need to make sure your dog does not suffer from any abnormalities which could be passed on to pups. There should be no , brucellosis, seizures or heart problems. You should also take your dog for a temperament test, and obtain certification.

To increase your dog's popularity take him out so other people can see him. Take him to dog shows and fields. Let prospective buyers see your that dog is in top condition. Proven dogs can command higher fees than any that are unproven or inexperienced.

If you are housing studs you should expect delivery of a female mate. You need to make sure you have adequate facilities for boarding a female in heat. The mating period can take anything up to a week, and this will ensure the female is impregnated whilst avoiding any problems with mis-mating.

There are times when a dog is able to mate with more than one female, in which case you will need to provide a spare room.

There may be times when you need to intervene during mating. Basset Hounds, for example, will require intervention. If it is the first time for the dogs they will not know what to do. Never leave the dogs unattended because the results can be disastrous. It can also happen that the female is not impregnated the first time; in which case you will have to repeat the process the following season. Contracts vary and you will need to check your agreement with the other party.

The compatibility of the dog's pedigree is another issue to consider. Any good or bad points in the pups will be attributed to your stud. If you want to develop a good reputation you need to be very careful when choosing the female dog. This is the only way to guarantee good .

If you are dealing with a new breeder, i.e. the owner of the bitch, you should help them with whelping and taking care of the pups. Provide any assistance they require, and answer all their questions correctly. Bear in mind your dog's reputation is at stake here so you will need to be patient in dealing with the owners.

You also need to be prepared for any disputes that may arise because these could affect your dog's reputation.

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