Dog Crate??

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Question by camille t: Crate??
Whenever we try to put our dog in the kitchen, (big space, with her bed), and block it off with a baby gate she will tear at the baby gate until she gets out. she is only a 16 lb dog, and she ripped it out of our wall.

We now bought her a excersise pen, for her and her puppies, and she will scratch and bite and pull it every which way. I’m nervous that she is going to pinch one of her puppies in it…

Any reccomendations on how to make her less stressed out when she is gated away from us??

We give her treats, and have tried to make it a happy place, but she is just not interested.

Also, whenever she gets out, she tears up anything that we have out. ie: garbage, toys, paper, really anything.

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Answer by xcbellx1980
your dog has seperation anxiety… you may need a dog therapist to really help with that problem

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    • German Shepherd
    • February 20, 2012

    get her something smaller because having all of that space will make her feel insecure. Try getting an actual crate because in the wild they live in dens which are naturally small and this makes them feel safer in an enclosed space but it makes them feel even safer if they can see all around them so my idea is to get a crate and put her in that it will make her feel more secure. another thing you could do is put something like a radio just outside her crate or wherever she is in the kitchen and where she can’t see it. this breaks the silence and distracts her of her thoughts or you could even play a tape with your voice on it this will make her feel safer thinking that you are not far away and she will feel more secure. I have done both of thee methods before and they both worked. Good luck.

    • smartsassysabrina
    • February 20, 2012

    My dog had problems with separation anxiety so bad I was about to get rid of her. She broke down the outside gate and escaped several times, she tore up the carpet, the couch, anything she could get her teeth on. When we tried to crate train her, she’d throw herself against the crate, denting up the walls, and she pulled the curtains into the crate and destroyed them. When I took her to the vet, he said this is very common and put her on Clomicalm. Now she’s a very good dog, and stays in her crate when we’re gone without any problems.

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