Examining Dog Food- What Does Your Dog’s Food Contain?

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by Jolie Mitchel

The food of the can be analysed based on the nutrition that is required for day to day survival.The – reviews of the kibble is important. The are a:carbohydrate,b: protein, c:vitamins,d: fibre, and e:other essential nutrients. One should provide the dog with . Otherwise the dog will be tired or unhealthy. Too much of food can induce the dog to mate and produce more kids. The life of the dog is very short. Hence frequent pregnancies of dogs are not advicable.

The carbohydrate can be obtained from the rice, wheat, corn and other food products related to them. The main objective of this nutrition is to provide good movement to the dog.The carbohydrate is broken into glucose and hence energy is obtained.

Protein is an important aspect of dog food as well. This nutrient is responsible for cell growth. Since millions of cells are grown and shed daily, the cells must be replaced by protein. This nutrient can be found in meat and meat products. Protein also helps dogs maintain a healthy coat.

Fibre food is very essential for good functioning of stomach. It can be obtained from necessary materials. They are good in the sense they fulfill the stomach and active for many hours.The fibrous food are obtained from some of the plant food, greens and other plant related items have fiber food.

Vitamins are an important part of a dog’s diet as well. These nutrients are essential for proper functioning in various parts of the body. Vitamins A, D, and B are all necessary for your to live a long, healthy life. They should be offered food rich in vitamins on a daily basis. Vitamins come from vegetables, fruits, and even sunlight.

All the nutritions given can be used and healthy dog can be achieved. The nutritions given work on the dog body and make it very happy.When the dog is healthy they can be trained to do certain jobs at home, fields and to safeguard us.They can take news paper, go after sheep or cow in field, bark while snake or other dangerous animals come and against human intruders.

Proteins can be found in soy beans and cereal. Dysentery can be avoided by giving your dog moderately spicy foods. The form the food is served in is very important. Natural foods are usually more healthy than processed foods. Homemade food is actually easy to make, but do not let the food spoil.

Watch your dogs so that they do not ingest small animals like snakes or rodents which could poison them. Also, have your dog checked regularly by a veterinarian and adjust his diet if necessary. Make sure your dog does not mate with dogs that could carry disease.

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