Do you keep dog supplies in your handbag?

Question by Emilie.: Do you in your ?
I've only just started using a handbag again, and I've found myself already stocking up on supplies in my handbag, basically everywhere I go, Toby goes.

Does anyone else dog things in their bag?
Yes! I buy so many things for my dog that he doesn't need.

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Answer by di
I don't carry a handbag but my car has all sorts of dog things. Water, bowl, extra leash, blankets, bag of food and probably a or two.

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    • Rachel [K&T]
    • February 11, 2012

    Mostly just poop bags, haha.
    When I was potty training him, I always had treats in my pockets.
    I would go to school, reach in my pocket for a piece of gum or my phone or something and I’d have all these treats in there, haha. I felt crazy for a while…
    & then in my car I always have treats, poop bags, extra leash, some toys sometimes..

    • *Sombra*
    • February 11, 2012

    I don’t carry a bag … if it can’t fit in my pocket, I don’t need it … but I do keep some stuff in my car.

    I ALWAYS have a roll of paper towels in my trunk, because ya nevah know! Something (human or animal) might puke in the car and better safe than sorry!

    Plastic bags, too … for impromptu outings with my dogs (yes I DO pick up after them) … and I’ve been known to pick up after other dogs as well.

    I keep a bag of treats handy for anytime … it’s there if I need it. Otherwise, no I don’t keep it with me.

    I ALWAYS keep a spare collar and leash with me in the car … dogs get dumped around here (very rural area) all the time … it’s not a pretty “purse accessory”, but I consider it a necessity.

    • * I ♥ my Rotti/GSD & Rotti *
    • February 11, 2012

    When i take my dogs with me I always put dog treats in my purse for them to snack on in the car…but i don’t drive right now but when I do decide to…( I just am not that good at it at this point lol ) I will always have extra stuff in it like food and water bowls a leash a blanket some dog food stuff like that. It is actually hard taking my dog with me even though she loves car rides and I love having her in the car its just I can’t leave her alone because she goes crazy for me when I get out of the car 🙂

    • >>???<<
    • February 11, 2012

    I’m a guy, so I usually don’t carry a handbag (except on extra special occasions! LOL) But I often find a spare poo bag (unused!) stuffed in a pocket of my slacks/work attire.
    (Yeah, my guy Gordie goes everywhere with me too, so it’s handy to have a spare bag in case he happens to need it.)

    (Do you find yourself buying dog toys for no reason at all? I do. He has plenty already, but he’s always up for a new one and I find it hard not to spoil him!)

    • bcdawgma44
    • February 11, 2012

    Most of the places I go with my dogs I don’t carry a purse. I travel all the time with my dogs in my van. I have everything I need in there. Training equipment. Water. Bowls. I always have poop bags in my right pocket & treats in the left. LOL

    • panache
    • February 11, 2012

    No,my dogs tend to help themselves in my purse.In the car I keep water dishes,leashes,a crate,a blanket and towel,poop bags and water(just incase0

    • Harlee- Me gusta.....?♥
    • February 11, 2012

    I dont carry a handbag. But I usually have dog bags in my pocket! I just carry everything in my pockets. My backpack usually has could be dog stuff in it, tho. Before I stopped training with treats, I had those in my pocket. I take Harlee everywhere, I don’t like going without him. 🙂

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