Do German Shepherd Dogs Make Good Pets?

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by Jan Ryan

You need to know as much information as you can about any breed of dog before you adopt one. And, since the is a lot of dog, you need to know a lot of German Shepherd information before adopting or purchasing one! Not all are alike. If you’ve never lived with a large dog or a very active dog before, then you are going to be in for a surprise with a German Shepherd. Hopefully, this will be a welcome surprise.

German Shepherds are not a placid, sedentary breed like the cavalier King Charles Spaniel. In order to be healthy, happy and respond to , they need to be exercised regularly every day – including a walk of at least a half hour, plus a romp in the yard. You live in an apartment? Then you really should consider another dog. Otherwise, they will damage your apartment in boredom and to burn up excess energy.

Let’s look at the biggest reasons for owners abandoning German Shepherd dogs – the dog’s energy, the dog’s intelligence and the dog’s health. First, let’s take a look at how energetic this breed is. Although this will vary from individual German Shepherd to individual German Shepherd, these are dogs bred to be on the go all day.

You will need to brush your German Shepherd every day to keep out tangles and to keep shedding to a minimum. Most German Shepherds have thick, double layer coats, although there are many with single layer coats. Bathing the too often can result in shedding and dandruff production beyond belief so only bathe when absolutely necessary. Train your dog to be still when brushed and do it after exercise.

German Shepherd dogs are highly trainable, providing they get regular exercise and aren’t overfed. Too much food for a German Shepherd is like giving too much sugar and caffeine to a child – they can’t help being a bit hyper afterwards. They are also more trainable and calmer is you have them spayed or neutered.

This also cuts down in incidences of wandering, aggression and cancers of the reproductive organs. Leave the breeding of German Shepherds to the experts.

Another point not usually touted in German Shepherd information from the AKC is that they often have health problems. The German Shepherd Rescue of North Carolina has estimated that care of a German Shepherd Dog costs about three thousand dollars per year, and German Shepherds live into their teens.

Even though many of these health problems can be easily treated, the previous owners do not want to or cannot pay the vet bills and instead abandon the dog. When you get a German Shepherd keep in mind that they may need frequent visits to the vet.

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