Things You Should Do Before Bringing Your Puppy Home

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by Lee Dobbins

your puppy from the breeder is an exciting time, but there are a few you might want to consider beforehand. This move is strange and unfamiliar to your puppy, and could be somewhat overwhelming for him. You can help limit the stress and ease your puppy into his new environment by taking some time to make sure his new home is completely ready for him.

You will obviously need to have , water, and toys for your new puppy. But you should make sure to by the same food the puppy is used to eating, because puppies have sensitive stomachs and may handle a food change well. Try this for the first week or so, then you can gradually introduce the brand of food you want to feed him.

When you actually go to pick up your new puppy remember to bring a comfortable dog bed along with some chew toys. You might use a puppy sized basket and place a comfortable blanket in there for taking him home in. During the ride home make sure to pet the dog and speak to him in a comforting voice to relieve any fears he may have.

Soon after you get him home your first job would be to introduce him to the other members of the family as well as to familiarize him with the new surroundings. Try to do this calmly – without any haste or excitement that may annoy him.

Every puppy needs his own little space and you should make sure you have all the right things before bringing your puppy home. You can do this by picking out a spot for him beforehand. Set down a dog bed, some toys, and a water bowl in an area you can devote for him. Gently encourage him to sleep and play in this spot, but don’t be too overbearing. Let him explore and claim it on his own.

Your curious , in all his excitement at this new world, might not think much about food at first. You can feed him a little on his first day, but don’t be surprised if he has other plans. Potty training is also vital to consider. Although it’s a slow process, start by placing the puppy outside periodically and keeping a careful eye on him. When he goes to the bathroom, be sure to reward him properly.

Before bringing your puppy home, make sure you adjust your schedule to allow yourself plenty of time to spend with your puppy on his first week, but don’t forget that puppies quickly tire and sleep most of the day. Take time to help the puppy begin to feel comfortable and safe in your home. Talk to him in calming tones and keep him close to you so that he knows he’s found a loving home!

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