What is the best web site to get dog supplies?

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Problem by K: What is the best web to get ?
I just acquired a dog and needed to purchase some heartworm drugs (I was contemplating about plus chewables). Can some other bestial entrepreneurs propose some that have great prices on materials this sort of as heartworm drugs? I’d recognize it.

Greatest :

Solution by Gabbie and Adore raw meat!
You are unable to get them with no a prescription, and I locate that getting them direct from the is best, since they’ve really examined the things, and it really is refreshing the kinds they market you. The ones you purchase on-line have been sitting in a warehouse for who understands how extended.

What do you think? Solution below!

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    • Mutt HATES BSL!
    • February 8, 2012

    http://petdrugs.com/ That’s where I get my heartworm meds.. cheaper than the prices in the vet office, no prescription needed, and free shipping.

    • xx6xlilangelx6xx
    • February 8, 2012

    1800petmeds.com kvpet.com

    Interceptor is another good heartworm medication. That’s the one I use.

    both require a prescription from your vet. your vet would have to check for heartworms before authorizing a prescription and yearly from then on. check the price with your vet. most vets are more expensive. just make sure whichever site you get it from is based in the US. websites based outside of the US will be cheaper but are not FDA approved and that is very important.

    • ScottieDog
    • February 8, 2012

    Your dog needs a blood test before the vet will prescribe heart worm preventative. One thing to understand is that the companies that make the leading heart worm preventatives will stand behind their medications if prescribed by the vet. Mail order sources are typically excluded from this guarantee. The guarantee being if you get the preventative from your vet, administer as prescribed and your dog gets heartworm infested, the company pays the treatment.

    For general supplies dog.com is good. Do not skimp on the heart worm preventative though.

    Oh, and the blood test is needed because giving heartworm preventative to a dog with a heartworm infestation can kill it. Heartworms are very serious.

    • joanplus4dogs
    • February 8, 2012

    Your dog must be tested first for heart worms then vet can sell you or give you a prescription to buy hw meds. In US requires a script to buy hw & it is only backed by company when purchased thru a vet. Any site selling hw w/o a script is not legit & likely out of the country or fakes. You are not going to find any bargains when it comes to brand names. You can get the generic version of Heartgard at about half the cost thru vet.

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