Will I trigger my canine to grow to be ridiculous with a bug zapper?

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Question by ollie: Will I result in my to become nuts with a zapper?
We lately purchased a bug zapper which we set up close to our yard patio. The initial time we turned it on, it right away permit out a zapping noise which terrified our pet dog. She needed to arrive in the house and would not hear to . Once inside of the residence, she would roam around from room to area with her head down and her tail tucked among her legs. My husband thinks we require to condition her to get utilized to the zapper, but I assume it truly is kinda imply to make her so distressed like this. Any suggestions?

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Answer by tiauna d
that audio like my canine

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    • Goldengal
    • February 5, 2012

    Did you ever think she may be feeling the static electricity from the bug zapper? Move it further away from the patio.

    • douglas R
    • February 5, 2012

    must be the humming and the zapping sounds try moving the zapper farther away from the house.

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