How to Train Puppies : How to Use Dog Pet dog Crates

Suggestions on how to use in this expert online video featuring a specialist . Skilled: Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.D. in bestial habits, and has been functioning with the two domestic and wild since the . Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
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    • nuclearproduction1
    • February 3, 2012

    do you have lawn or a garden?

    • snoopdawg619
    • February 3, 2012

    i buying a brand new lake house with a yarde

    • nuclearproduction1
    • February 3, 2012

    ok then every time your puppy wakes up from sleep, is done eating, or has just played a lot, you should quickly rush your puppy out to the yard and place him/her on the spot you want it to eliminate. do this immediately as for puppies can’t hold there bladder very long.

    • jaycumbie1990
    • February 3, 2012

    thats a huge puppy.. more like a dog now

    • pinkbb13
    • February 3, 2012

    I was told you should have it in a quiet area so the puppy can sleep and relax so im not so sure what i should do with my puppy

    • KonKaji
    • February 3, 2012

    i thought it was part of the rug before she even made the dog move

    • nataliawasilewska97
    • February 3, 2012


    • nataliawasilewska97
    • February 3, 2012

    train him not to.

    • tshaya18
    • February 3, 2012

    can you please help me, I have a 2month old shih tzu & Im ordering him a crate but I dont know what size. Can I get a big one like 48″ so i wont have to keep buying new ones…I want him to have enough room

    • tonor
    • February 3, 2012

    i know this is a month later but…. a good way to pick your crate size is think of how big that puppy will be in 6 months. yes you might have to buy 1 or 2 crates but better than new carpet.

    • jelamatibag
    • February 3, 2012

    is that a puppy??

    • jeffhardy664
    • February 3, 2012

    what if they bark cause their scared

    • 1983Dave1983
    • February 3, 2012

    That…. is a dog. A crate (cage) that size is like a play pen to a puppy. First time you put a puppy inside and shut the door they will cry and howl all night…

    • Inu1
    • February 3, 2012

    @1983Dave1983 I have the same trouble too.

    • February 3, 2012

    PETA does not oppose keeping a dog in small area if it is in the dog’s best interests (e.g., when cage rest is ordered by a veterinarian or when confinement will keep the dog safe during travel). When this is the case, guardians should always take steps to ensure that dogs are provided with bedding and the opportunity to relieve themselves and that they are given access to water, fresh air, food, and other basic requirements.

    • rlholo
    • February 2, 2012

    Are you serious? That crate is way too small for that dog. It’s supposed to be a playpen, not a suitcase. You are cruel. Period. Don’t call yourself an expert.

    • Chey4551
    • February 2, 2012

    I thought the dog was a toy at first

    • angelbabiex2
    • February 2, 2012

    igot a 14 day old german shepard and he is moaning and barking because of his crate size but the one u got is to small for your dog why wirte puppys when really your ugly dog is a dog
    also u cant see its eyes and that iritates me alot .

    • cloudcally
    • February 2, 2012

    how do u join expervillage???

    • ThaWiseMan144
    • February 2, 2012

    WTF ??
    Thanks for the help……

    • SuperShawnbell
    • February 2, 2012

    I Walk My Dog 5 Times A Day Every 2 Hours , She Still Shits And Pisses Anywere And Everywere ! . Mind You I Feed Her Twice A Day . Then In The Morning I Go Downstairs To Find Pee , Shit , Diaria Everywere On My Floor ! 🙁 . Like She’s Has Been Trained For About A Year . But I Dont Understand The problem . She’s Making My House Smell Awful . And The Pee And Stuff Gets Down In The Tiles ! . She Has To Goo ! . She’s Very Discusting ! I Am Soo Embarrased To Have Friends Over !!

    • Chalsedony
    • February 2, 2012

    @SuperShawnbell: If your house smell like bathroom to the dog then that is what the dog will do, she will return to the spots where she has peed and pooped and do it all over again. What you have to do to make this behaviour stop is to neutralize the smells because once the dog has left a odor there she will come back again and again and pee and poop. There are sprays that you can buy in any petshop that you use to neutralize the smells and there is also recipes online that you can use.

    • bluevioletHusky
    • February 2, 2012

    press 7 rapidly and then you got a clicker 😛

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