Learning How To Stop Dog Jumping Behavior Is Important

by Lee Dobbins

Most people subscribe to the idea that jump on humans in order to be closer to them. However, this can be scary if large , even with good intentions, jump on humans. It can cause all kinds of problems and potentially really hurt someone so it is important to know how to stop jumping behavior before an accident occurs.

By getting down to your 's level, you may be able to stop your dog from jumping on you. However, this won't necessarily work with neighbors or strangers that you pass. You must teach your dog a command to stop jumping for situations like those.

Many people want to learn how to stop dog jumping behavior before they have even trained their dog in the basics. When training your dog to stop jumping on you or others you must make sure that he is properly trained in sitting first. It will be to difficult trying to teach your dog two commands at the same time. Be patient with your pet and diligent, soon your hard work will pay off.

When training, you need to pay attention to the signs your dog is giving to you. Many times you can tell when a dog is about to jump up on you. Before they jump, give the ‘Sit' command. If they disregard the ‘Sit' command, and don't worry if they don't listen right away, lift your knee to the dogs chest to block the jump. The command used in combination with the knee is ‘Off'. Be sure to use the command ‘Off' rather than ‘Down'. ‘Down' is a different command to make a dog lay down and if used here, will give mixed signals to your dog.

The next time your dog comes to jump on you, just gently raise your knee to prevent him from getting to your body. This should throw him off balance and cause him to drop to all fours. Gently and firmly say “Off” as you are doing this so he will associate the word with the action. If he tries again, repeat the command and the action. Always praise him and tell him how good he is even when he is not sure of the command, he will eventually understand the action, the command and the reward and should stop the habit of jumping on people.

Dogs who jump on everybody they meet are going to create an unpleasant incident sooner or later. Such behavior is specially dangerous around elderly people and young children. So take the time to learn how to stop dog jumping behavior if you do not want the risk of a lawsuit, or worse. And enjoy you dog.

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