The Noble German Shepherd Dog

by Jan Ryan

When Al Gore testified before Congress after his movie An Inconvenient Truth was released, the Congress jokingly accused him of being a movie star. “ was a movie star!” Al Gore retorted. “I just have a little slide .” Rin Tin Tin was a fictional that embodied all the best in a celebrity. Was Rin Tin Tin a myth, or based on the real personalities of ?

You need to do your part in this friendship, as well, in order for it to work out. You have to be patient, have a sense of and learn all you can about the . You have to be committed to exercising your every day, with a walk and play. They need to be active, or else they get a bit hyperactive. They also need regular trips to the vet for inoculations and check ups. Purebred are more inclined to have genetically caused problems than many other breeds of dog. You must be willing to pay any and all medical costs for your friend.

German Shepherd are loyal, alert, emotional and probably more intelligent than most people. They are capable of learning very complex behaviors and can solve problems. German Shepherds are even capable of learning commands in two languages. Once they learn something, it sticks. They are known to be very easy to housebreak. Once they have gotten the idea, any accidents are usually due to illness and require a trip to the vet to be easily cured.

Since German Shepherd dogs are so large (they average about 75 pounds), they often do not know their own strength. Ever watch puppies playing? They wrestle quite fiercely and often bite softly. German Shepherd dogs will think you want to play like a – very roughly. This can cause unintentional (but still painful) injury. It is important that your German Shepherd be trained and regularly exercised in order to prevent any accidental injuries.

The German Shepherd dog has been described as embodying all of the noble characteristics of human beings. They are problem solvers, want to get along with others and will sacrifice themselves when protecting their family.

German Shepherds will still want to be your friend even if you are having a bad day. German Shepherds will still want to be by your side even if you are homeless and spat upon by other people.

German Shepherds are prone to some health problems, more so than some other breeds, most notably hip . These can be costly to cure – but they can be cured. When you take on a German Shepherd, you must be willing to care for vet expenses.

Some are more timid than others. Some are more serious than others. Some seem more psychic than others. But they need a lot of activity and attention in order to really become a member of your family.

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