Cheap Huge dog bed!!

This is one particular of two beds we have for our . It was at Least 100 bucks more affordable then a significant (which aren't that massive to begin with) and significantly even bigger then any doggy mattress I have noticed. Plus it retains your canine off the chilly floor (like our here). I am hunting for one for the store cuz that cement floor gets chilly and she has nowhere but a pile of to lie down in there. Bad little dawgy!!

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    • JayOsb
    • January 27, 2012

    Aww,I love how you love your dog’s, made me tear up….but thanks for the bed idea

    • Ritercrazy
    • January 27, 2012

    So sorry for your loss. Dogs are precious and important to many. Tears are appropriate. Thanks for the dog bed idea.

    • lalalaBones
    • January 27, 2012

    Your dog is gorgeous :D Actually so placid.. 😀

    • Jen2848
    • January 27, 2012

    May you rest in peace Tish. She was lucky to have you.

    • Irineosgirl123
    • January 27, 2012

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I love this video! You are so sweet about your doggies!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • pookie123233
    • January 27, 2012

    awwwww my dog makes that same noise

    • TheEsotericDesi
    • January 27, 2012

    You know this is a very good bed for a dog… Dogs like to be on a bed anyways, why not just get them one that’s designed for small kid etc? Esepcially if you have a big home…

    • twittertweetxx
    • January 27, 2012

    is anyone else crying :'(

    • Lovefries01
    • January 27, 2012

    [CRY CRY CRY] Im so Srry about tish I hope Tish had a happy life with u [cry cry cry]~~ [ ] equals what I’m doing or want to do

    • katiebigg1
    • January 27, 2012

    its awful when dogs die 🙁

    • Diegodubal
    • January 27, 2012


    • Yomalex3
    • January 27, 2012

    Lol, she looks so spoiled too. You are a great doggie parent! She looks a little heavy though lol

    • JacksonOfDork
    • January 27, 2012

    :'( :O lol

    • gothpyrofire
    • January 27, 2012

    I recently lost my old dog to cancer. 🙁

    • mouthbig1
    • January 27, 2012

    sorry to hear ur dog has cancer. but its so nice of u to make her this cool bed that makes me want to make one for my dog delboy! be nice if u cud show how to make it!

    • boahx
    • January 27, 2012

    @LookHere3 Can be many reasons. Genes, freak of nature, Bad living cond., bad breeding & the list goes on & on..

    • Requel2fli4u
    • January 27, 2012

    Awwwwww…………. 🙁

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