How Much Cash Would I Need To Buy Dog Supplies And Her Vaccinations?

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Query by ~Rotten ~: How A lot I Want To Dog And Her Vaccinations?
I have a couple of questions.

1.How a lot will i need to buy bed,foods and h2o ,leash,collar and all that?Which includes Vaccinations (I am not obtaining her until 6 months)

2.What is the smartest huge dog?And what is the smartest tiny canine thats easy to prepare?

I’m finding this when i get the right provides so no lectures please.
I already have a i am just needing to know how significantly for the provides and 1st vaccinations absolutely nothing else.

Finest answer:

Reply by Sierra
You’ll need about 1k (1000$ ) for the initial . Smartest massive dog is (I have 1), and smartest tiny dog? I’d say , really straightforward to educate.

What do you assume? Answer below!

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    • Sio
    • January 25, 2012

    I just got a puppy last week. I spent $ 250 on his bed, crate, play pen, food, collar, leash, carrying bag, blankets, pee pads… etc.
    I’m not sure where u live but here in ontario, first shots can be anywhere from $ 70-$ 100.. actually i mean 2nd shots…. your new puppy should have already gotten his/her first set of shots before you even get him/her.

    i’d say labs and retrievers are very smart.. particularly labs as they excel at being seeing eye dogs – they need to be smart for that!
    as for the small dog, not sure

    • Shanna D
    • January 25, 2012

    Excluding the price of the puppy itself, I think I put out about $ 500 in initial expenses. I also had my puppy swallow an article of clothing and that cost me $ 1000 vet bill. (from what I understand, that was actually a good price, I have heard of people putting out lots of more for this.) Puppies do tend to eat things, along with other health related things that pop up, so have money reserved for emergencies.

    While possibly being debatable, here is a list of breeds based on intelligence. The link also explains how these results were obtained.

    • cashew
    • January 25, 2012

    i agree with the 1000 for the first year. although i recommand the petsmart health insurance, it covers everything from shots to checkups and mine is 20 bucks a month. for a good dog you can never go wrong with a beagle. they are medium sized not as expensive and dont have many health problems. good luck

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