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by Lisa A Collins

are adamant supporters of Poodles. This purebred dog breed, which originated in Eastern Europe, is the official dog of France and it is the French who bred the dog into its three sizes: toy, miniature and standard. Competition draw the attention of the crowd due to their elaborate show clips. Fur is groomed in such a way that Poodles appear either stunningly regal or ridiculous, depending on the aesthetic taste of the viewer. Some Poodles resemble tiny Clydesdale horses with their closely trimmed upper legs, and densely furred lower legs and the full mane of hair on their heads.

The history of the is much less intricate than one would think. have their origins in the 15th century. They are thought to have come from Russia and Germany. Germans called the Poodle Pudelhund, or splashing dog. The closely curled, dense coat of the Poodle served the purpose of insulating the dog from cold water. Poodles were used as retrievers and duck hunters. Their clich’ trim actually served a functional purpose of keeping them warm around their joints while mobile in other areas when immersed in water.

Good Poodle breeders are aware of the history of the Poodle breed as well as the breed standard characteristics. They should be able to educate a potential buyer on the Poodle to ensure that the buyer and Poodle are a good match. The Poodle’s fur is its most noticeable trait. It is dense, coarse and curly to wiry.

The three sizes of Poodle: miniature, toy and standard have similar traits of all but differ in height and weight. Miniature Poodles are fifteen to seventeen pounds and eleven to fifteen inches in height at the shoulder. Toy Poodles are six to nine pounds and up to ten inches at the shoulder. are forty-five to seventy pounds and over fifteen inches at the shoulder.

Breeders may specialize in toy, miniature or standard Poodles. The difference in the types of Poodle is their size and weight. Toy are six to nine pounds and up to ten inches in height at the shoulder. Miniature Poodles are fifteen to seventeen pounds and eleven to fifteen inches in height at the shoulder. Standard Poodles are forty-five to seventy pounds and over fifteen inches in height at the shoulder.

When interviewing Poodle breeders, buyers should bring a list of questions to determine a reputable breeder from a bad breeder. Buyers should do their homework in advance and be ready to commit to at the time of purchase. Some excellent questions to ask to help buyers find good Poodle breeders include do you maintain your own kennel and can I visit it, can I meet the parents and receive pedigree papers, can I get medical and immunization records and do you offer a warranty.

Unfortunately, there are breeders working only to make a profit with no regard for the health or happiness of the dogs they produce- or their potential buyers. These backyard breeders raise Poodles in mills where they breed dogs continuously, keeping the mothers and puppies in cages with little socialization and no freedom or play.

Buyers can avoid bad breeders by asking to see the kennel where puppies are raised, requesting pedigree information, registration papers and medical records, and by interviewing breeders to make sure they do not mass market puppies or sell them to pet stores. Good Poodle breeders will interview buyers to make sure they can give Poodles a good home.

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