The Pomeranian Breeder And The Pet Store

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by Rosie Allan

There has been a growing demand for the Pomeranian breed in recent years, what with so many celebrities in Hollywood sporting their little bundles of fluff wherever they go. The Pomeranian is certainly one of the most elegant small breed , but many people are not aware of their affectionate nature. A growing awareness of the desirability of the Pomeranian as a family pet has left many a respectable Pomeranian breeder in the dark as to how best to keep up with the onslaught of orders.

Because there are many steps that a respectable Pomeranian breeder must take in order to ensure that each litter he or she produces is healthy, and that the prospective owners are going to give the pups a good home, many people are becoming impatient and purchasing their dogs from local pet stores who have been supplied by mills. These puppy mills produce pups en masse, and often deliver dogs to the pet stores that are sick and even dying.

The first thing that anyone who wants one of these sweet little dogs must understand is that a respectable Pomeranian breeder would never sell his or her pups to a pet . Since a pet store is obligated to sell their to anyone with the money to buy, there is never a guarantee that the dogs will be going to a good home.

Little care is given to the dogs in these mills, and the pups that are then delivered to pet stores are often sick and dying from lack of proper care.

Quality Pomeranian breeders are most concerned with the health and quality of life their pups have, and often will refuse to sell a potential buyer a if they don’t feel they can provide the best home.

Many pet storeowners will try to tell you that their dogs come from a quality, local breeder. Don’t be taken in by their heartfelt speech. An honest Pomeranian breeder would never consider selling a dog to a place where he or she would have no control over who was going to be the new owner. Pet store employees have been taught to tell people that their dogs come from a well-respected breeder; unfortunately, just isn’t the truth.

A Pomeranian is a wonderful dog that can provide you and your family with a long and happy relationship. When you make certain to only get your new dog from a well respected Pomeranian breeder, you do you part to help make sure your new dog will be healthy; but also to help stop the mills from making any money.

If everyone were to refuse to buy puppies from the pet stores, the dishonest Pomeranian breeder would soon find himself out of work.

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