Avoiding A Pet Store And Buying From A Rottweiler Breeder

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by Sharon Davies

There is a whole host of reasons why a is a bad place to get a pet and it is an especially bad place to get a Rottweiler. You should always get your Rottweiler from a reputable Rottweiler breeder and someone that not only takes the time to and care for your before you get it but also teaches your dog the basics of surviving in a home environment before you even take it to your home. There are a lot of really good reasons to avoid pet stores and the list gets longer every day.

The many different humane societies have a phrase for the place where pet stores get their puppies, and that phrase is puppy mill. In a puppy mill dogs are bred in unclean conditions and are kept in large numbers in cages in some dirty back room somewhere. They are fed and watered but they have no human interaction.

The different humane societies in the United States refer to places called as the sources of puppies for pet stores. In a puppy mill there is no regard for good breeding and in some cases there is no regard for sanitary conditions. Dogs are bred constantly and thrown into a cage and then sold to you. The results can often be very sad and tragic.

When you get your Rottweiler puppy from a Rottweiler breeder your breeder will you off with detailed care and feeding instructions that you can use to make sure you are giving your dog everything it needs. A breeder took the time to get your puppy used to living in a home setting and has tried to get your puppy used to the clatter and excitement that goes on every day in the average home.

There is very little chance that the pet store clerk you are dealing knows any more than taking your money and giving you your receipt. They don’t have any information or advice to offer and probably have no clue how to raise your puppy. Your puppy has never been out of its cage or at least out of the pet store and there will be a long and frustrating adjustment time for you and the puppy when you get it home.

A reputable Rottweiler breeder will monitor the health of the dogs they and they try to make sure that the puppies they sell are without disease and have no health problems. Unfortunately not all health problems can be seen when they are puppies but a breeder will work with you if health problems arise later in the puppy’s life.

To a pet store a puppy is a product and some products have problems just by the mass production methods used to make them. This is truly a sad way to treat an animal and is something no one should support.

Pet stores have their niche of selling pet supplies that we all need for our pets but they should not be selling live at all. Puppies sold at a pet store have a very low chance of a healthy life and that can be an unfortunate outcome for you and your family as well as the puppy. If people stopped buying puppies from pet stores then maybe they would finally stop selling them and puppy mills would cease to exist.

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