Why Learning How To Stop Dog Jumping Activity Is Critical

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by Lee Dobbins

Most people subscribe to the idea that jump on humans in order to be closer to them. However, this can be scary if large dogs, even with good intentions, jump on humans. It can cause all kinds of problems and potentially really hurt someone so it is important to know how to stop jumping behavior before an accident occurs.

The reason your jumps up is to have a better view of you. You can minimize this behavior by lowering yourself so that you are at his eye level and then he will not have the desire to leap up at you. While this is a solution for you, there are also the neighbors or strangers that you encounter in public places and naturally you want to prevent your from jumping at them. In order to insure that this does not happen, it is necessary to train your dog properly so that he will respond to your voice commands.

Teaching your dog how to sit is very important first step in learning how to stop dog jumping activity. By performing this command, you dog will be distracted from jumping, so you must make sure that he sits when he hears the command. You should continue the training until your dog sits ALL of the time or else it won’t be considered successful.

For the training you should begin with your dog standing in front of you. You can immediately determine when your dog is about to jump up. What you want to do is look for the signs – muscles tensing, tail wagging etc… When you notice that they’re thinking about jumping up command the dog to sit. If the dog jumps up on you regardless (and he likely will at first) bring your knee up to his chest and firmly tell him Off. You might be tempted to say down. However, that is the command to get your dog to lay down and should only be used for that purpose.

The goal is not to hurt your dog, but to gently raise your knee, knocking the dog off balance. This is a natural way to him the “off” command and you should reward him when he listens. Repeat this enough times and he will associate the word off with not jumping on people.

Dogs who jump on everybody they meet are going to create an unpleasant incident sooner or later. Such behavior is specially dangerous around elderly people and young children. So take the time to learn how to stop dog jumping behavior if you do not want the risk of a lawsuit, or worse. And enjoy you dog.

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