5 Tips On How To Care For A Puppy

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by Lee Dobbins

Bringing home a new puppy is fun and exciting, but also comes with responsibilities. Your new friend is depending on you to help grow in to a healthy, happy dog so learning how to for a puppy from day 1 is key. Here are 5 things you can do to help ensure the health, safety, and comfort of your new family member.

1. Comfort

You need to prepare for your puppy even before you bring him home. He’ll like a comfy dog bed and toys. You’ll also need to purchase and water dishes.

Besides that, you should make sure you leave plenty of time to spend with your puppy in order for him to know you and feel safe and secure when around you. Make sure he knows that you are there to take care of him. Don’t forget that your puppy has just been stripped of his mother and siblings and the only home that he has ever had. In order to feel safe he is going to need a little reaffirmation.

2. Feed Him Right

You should remember that a puppy is a baby dog and he should be treated much the same way you would treat a young baby. You will not want to give him grown-up dog food for a while and you should check with a vet or the store or his previous owner to see what he has been eating. If you would like to feed him a different kind of food, do not just chance it quickly because he may stop eating or even get sick. Gradually replace your food with what he has been used to eating and he will learn to like the new food. Remember to treat him like the new baby he is and you will get along well.

When he comes home, your puppy may want to eat your table scraps, but you should introduce these foods slowly. His stomach will need to adjust before it can handle a lot of “people” food.

3. Veterinarian

Knowledge and regular practice of veterinary care are of foremost importance when learning how to care for a puppy. You should remember that puppies often need to be wormed and adequately vaccinated. The new puppies must be taken to a Veterinarian for vaccination as well as for scheduling regular check ups. This will keep the puppy in good health.

4. Keep Him Sage

Just as you “child proof” your home before you bring home baby, you should “puppy proof” your home before you bring home that new addition to the family. Puppies are naturally curious about their new world, and need to be protected from danger. That danger not only comes from what is in your home, but also from older and/or stronger pets who want to play too rough with the puppy. Also, make sure that any young children are taught that the puppy is a real live creature, because many puppies have been injured by a child who thinks they are a stuffed animal.

5. Train Him Properly

Obedience training for your puppy is critical as it will help him turn into a well behaved dog. Not only will this insure that your dog is a pleasure to be around but it will also allow you to keep him safe. If your dog is obedient you can easily call him back if he is heading into danger. It’s never too early to start training your dog so you might want to have a plan for this before you bring your puppy home.

Learning how to care for a puppy isn’t hard, but it takes a bit of planning and commitment on your part. Don’t worry, if you plan it properly and give your puppy lots of , you will be amply rewarded.

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