What To Expect When You Have A Pug

What To Expect When You Have A Pug
by Jenny Donaldson

The Pug dog is probably named Pug after the Old English word Pugg, which means a playful little devil or monkey. That name fits the Pug, as they have a winning personality that has aided in its migration around the word. Originally in , it later traveled to Japan, other places around the globe, and eventually to England. From there, it came to America. The officially recognized it as a breed in 1885. The Pug Dog Club of America was started in 1931, and the breed has grown in popularity ever since that time. It is one of the favorite breeds around the world.

The term Pug has been derived from the Old English word of Pugg, which is an affectionate term for a playful little devil or monkey. That name fits this dog, as it is very playful. It is very popular because of its personality, having originated in China, also showing up in Japan and other countries and eventually to England, where it later came to the United States.


Pugs prefer the company of humans, though they get along well with other dogs and other pets. They really love to be with their owner, and will usually be right at their owner’s feet or on their owner’s lap. These loyal dogs get concerned and even a bit jealous or anxious if they aren’t given enough of their owner’s . They also do not respond well to being harshly disciplined, as they are sensitive to their owner’s tone of voice. Often they will do things to get their owner’s attention, or to get them to laugh aloud. They are considered to be little clowns.

Pugs are very social dogs. They get along well with other dogs and pets, and with children and visitors, but they really love to be with their owner. They require a lot of human attention, and will get a bit anxious and concerned if they are ignored by their owner, or if their owner used a harsh tone of voice in disciplining them. they even do strange or funny things to get their owners attention and make them laugh. They like to stay right with their owner, at their feet or on their lap. They are extremely loyal and affectionate.

Pugs have a lot of energy, especially for the first few years while they are growing up. They tend to be rambunctious and energetic. It takes about five years in total until they calm down somewhat. Unfortunately, they are often more difficult to train that many other breeds, as they tend to get bored with repetitive training sessions.

Pugs are not aggressive dogs, and while they enjoy going for walks, they are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and have a short nose which affects their breathing and limits how long they can spend outdoors exercising.

Altogether, the Pug dog can be a wonderful companion dog. It gets along well with humans and animal pets, making it an easy addition to any family. It will come to you ready to bond with its owner, and be fiercely loyal to that owner for a lifetime. It will be eager to please, have a lot of energy, and will often entertain you (or your friends) for the attention. While it isn’t one of the easier breeds to train, it is playful and its clownish personality makes up for the lack of ease in training.

If you think you’d like to get a Pug, consider getting one as a puppy, when they are tiny and , with the wrinkles in their face already. There are many breeders that can sell you one with good breeding and that is healthy. Buying a Pug as a puppy ensures that it will be your loyal companion.

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