How To Choose The Best Dog Names

by Lacy Holly

You have probably already put a lot of thought into dog and what you want to call your new . Is it really that important? You betcha, you will be calling your dog by that day in and day out for years to come. So coming up with that still sound unique can become quite a challenge.

Owners can choose a different types of dog names. choose names such as Charles or Abbey. To be a bit more creative you can go with names from movies such as The Beast from the Sand Lot, Hercules, or even Lassie.

You have a lot more wiggle room for creativity when a dog as opposed to a human. So make sure you come up with some awesome dog names that will get a lot of comments from visitors. This is your opportunity to have a lot of fun.

You can go with a dog name that describes your dog, such as Fur Ball, Tiny, Giant, Beast. You can also go with one of the more common dog names such as Fido, Rover, Spot and so on.

I have also always loved dog names that were the opposite of the dog. For example, naming a tiny dog Killer and a huge dog something like . That is what makes dog naming so fun, no rules or restrictions to hold you back. You are only limited by your own imagination.

One of my favorite dog names is my friend’s dog. He is black and white so she named him Oreo. It is cute, short and fits him perfectly. My mother has a Black Lab that she named Sadie, so you can go with pretty much anything for a dog name.

You dog can be named after pretty much anything or even anyone. Maybe name your female dog after an aunt you completely dislike or maybe name your new furry best friend after your favorite childhood friend.

Make sure, that what ever dog name you pick, that you feel comfortable using it in public and around family and friends. For this reason, choosing profanity for dog names would probably not be the best bet.

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