Dog Grooming Reference Guide: (A “Must Have” for All Dog Owners)

Dog Grooming Reference Guide: (A

The is a must have for all dog owners. This is a helpful to educate the about what professional grooming is and why it?EUR(TM)s essential in promoting the health of their EUR(TM)s skin and coat. Dog grooming is not just for , but rather, it?EUR(TM)s a necessity. The will learn what their dog?EUR(TM)s grooming requirements are based on their individual and coat type. They will learn how to keep their dog?EUR(TM)s shedding under , and how to correctly brush their dog?EUR(TM)s coat to prevent mats from forming. This book explains how important nail trimming is and what can happen if this isn?EUR(TM)t done often. There are advantages of your dog seeing a on a regular basis. I also discuss some of the things that can affect the price of grooming.

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