Puppy Training: Reclaming Your Bedroom

Having a and training him the right way is something that should be done and it should be done consistently. There are many whom grow up and think that they can do whatever they want and whenever they want because when they were younger, no one told them what they can do and what they can't. One of these little issues is sleeping on the bed. This problem can seem very harmless when they are a but as they grow older their personalities mature and they start becoming more and more dominant. This can be seen if you ever sleep with your older in the bed. If you try to move and it requires him to move, does he make a groaning noise as though you are disturbing him? This is the clear cut sign that he thinks that this is his place and you are just a visitor. This situation is dangerous because it is giving him a false sense of dominance in your relationship and it is something that needs to be prevented at all costs. The best way to prevent these sorts of future problems is to start trying to train them when they are young.

The best way to start is to first stop the action in question. If he is already used to sleeping on your bed, you need to stop him from sleeping there. He might get mad and he might complain but this is for your sanity as well as his. The younger he is the easier this process will be because he isn't set in his ways yet and his bad habits are easily broken. There have been many times when problems like this have gotten out of control and we need to take these steps in order to prevent many problems in the future.

The next step after preventing him from sleeping in your bed is to simple get him his own. This sounds very simple but it can be something a bit more complicated if you don't do it correctly. When you first get a bed you need to have some sort of research so that you know what kind of bed your puppy will sleep in. Watch him and see how he sleeps! If he sleeps in a position that is cuddled up and secure you should consider getting him a bed that is circular and supportive for that sort of position. Usually small sleep in this position because it is more secure than sleeping on their side and it keeps them warm as well. If it is a bigger they sometimes sleep cuddled up but mainly they sleep on their sides or their back. Getting them a rectangular sized bed will promote this sort of sleeping habit and seem more inviting to them as well.

The point of this is that you want this bed that you get to seem just as appealing if not more as your bed. You want him to want to sleep there and you want him to be comfortable. This is a sure fire way to get your bed back!

This author lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury dog feeders boutique offering variety of dog beds and personalized dog beds.

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