Greyhound STYLE Sleek Dog Grooming Comb

Greyhound STYLE Sleek Dog Grooming Comb

As a who wants a smooth, flawless finish on every I groom, this comb is still my favorite, even after 30 years! This / Coarse stainless steel greyhound style comb is made in England and has the same high quality features you would expect in a comb twice this price. The narrow 1 1/8" long tines are riveted through the spine of the comb and easily penetrates the thickest of coats. This comb is designed for use on small to and TOO! The difference in this comb and others is the sleek design, the very narrow tines penetrate, rather than push, the coat. That is why a coarse-spaced comb is better than a fine as the tines must be spaced far enough apart to allow for insertion into the coat. This Greyhound Style Comb is a great value and perfect for combing small to . The coarse-spaced end is for Double, Longhaired and . The medium-spaced end is for Flat and Hard Coats. Choose Your Dog's Coat Type. All coats should be brushed thoroughly with the appropriate BRUSH before combing. The comb is used to "test" what you have brushed by inserting the comb into the coat parallel to the . (As shown in second photo) This will allow you to find tangles, matting or clumps of undercoat. Combing is the important second step of optimum and coat care.

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