The Best Poodle Breeders

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by Lisa A Collins

The is one of the most loved and hated breeds. Often seen fully coiffed either in competition or strolling with their owners, their fur simultaneously pouffed high and trimmed close, poodles appear to be a haughty and decadent dog to the Poodle layman.

Today the Poodle clip is used to showcase the delicate beauty of the breed. Poodles were clipped historically to make them mobile in water. They were adept water used primarily to retrieve game on water and on land. They are often called gun dogs or water dogs. The breed retains strong pointing and hunting skills, especially regarding duck and other fowl.

Knowing Poodles are named after a simple puddle makes the breed seem less intimidating already. Poodles most likely originated in Eastern Europe and they have been popular throughout Europe for hundreds of years. However, it is the French who are given credit for the breed. French successfully cultivated all three sizes of Poodle: miniature, toy and standard.

All Poodles must appear energetic, alert, and elegant, must have a regal carriage, must be intelligent, and must have physical characteristics such as: curly, dense and coarse fur trimmed in the appropriate style, proportionate features, dark eyes, oval-shaped feet, straight and delicate muzzle and deep, wide chest.

Breeders may specialize in toy, miniature or . The difference in the types of Poodle is their size and weight. Toy Poodles are six to nine pounds and up to ten inches in height at the shoulder. Miniature Poodles are fifteen to seventeen pounds and eleven to fifteen inches in height at the shoulder. Standard Poodles are forty-five to seventy pounds and over fifteen inches in height at the shoulder.

Buyers can find reputable Poodle breeders by asking for referrals from local animal shelters. The American Kennel Club or local dog clubs and organizations are other good places to begin. Buyers must research Poodles and have a good understanding of Poodle information so that nefarious breeders won’t take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, there are breeders working only to make a profit with no regard for the health or happiness of the dogs they produce- or their potential buyers. These backyard breeders raise Poodles in mills where they breed dogs continuously, keeping the mothers and puppies in cages with little socialization and no freedom or play.

Two things that are always red flags warning buyers of bad breeders are breeders who sell to pet stores and breeders who don’t interview buyers to ensure Poodles will be going to a good home. No good Poodle breeder is in the business just for money. Good Poodle breeders love animals and want their Poodle pups to go to loving, permanent homes.

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