Discover What Negative Dog Foods are Causing 87% of Canine Diseases

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**Click The following** 87% of brought on by commercial . Puppy and symptoms are on the increase as is pancreatitis. Help save your puppy now by clicking the puppy canines canine items dog supplies items canine treats puppy wellbeing treats…

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Today, I’m pleased to chat with Candace Chen of Camelot Nutritionals. Hi Candace, nice to meet you. Likewise. Thanks for the invitation. You’ve developed a line of premium nutritional products for pets. Can you describe what motivated you to do so? It all started when my 5 year old German Shepherd, John Crichton, started walking […]

5 Most Common Dog Health Problems

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Did you know your dog attracts these pests?

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Stop the Pet Obesity Epidemic and Help Your Pet

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Just like human obesity throughout the world, pet obesity is a growing epidemic that needs to be stopped in order for pets to live long and healthy lives. Obesity can lead to other health problems for pets including osteoarthritis, cancer, insulin resistance, and ligament injury. These health problems can even decrease a pet’s life expectancy […]

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    • TheCakedecorator
    • January 20, 2012

    WOW! I am so sad to hear that they feed dogs cats and dogs who were put down at the shelter!! No wonder why they have such a quick turn around at shelters! 🙁

    They dont tell you its because they have an order to fill!

    • pizzarece
    • January 20, 2012

    I still don’t understand why this video has so few views

    • TheCutestPetsEvar
    • January 20, 2012

    To Me, I believe that America are more cruel to Animals than United Kingdom Strange Huh But I think its true

    • Vipstephen
    • January 20, 2012

    Ummm…this is somewhat propaganda. I called iams and they use the best standards, if their chicken doesn’t have met their standards…it goes down the road to the human plant. And 27 years….lol the world record is 28, so I doubt that…nice joke

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