Why A Rottweiler Breeder Is Better To Buy From Than A Pet Store

A is an investment like any other and when you have made the decision that it is time to get a you may want to talk to a reputable and avoid a .

A pet store is great for buying all of the supplies you will need for your pet but they should not be allowed to sell living at all. The travesty is that a pet store selling puppies gets worse and worse every year.

The different humane societies in the United States refer to places called puppy mills as the sources of puppies for pet stores. In a puppy mill there is no regard for good breeding and in some cases there is no regard for sanitary conditions. Dogs are bred constantly and thrown into a cage and then sold to you. The results can often be very sad and tragic.

When you get your from a Rottweiler breeder your breeder will you off with detailed care and feeding instructions that you can use to make sure you are giving your dog everything it needs. A breeder took the time to get your puppy used to living in a home setting and has tried to get your puppy used to the clatter and excitement that goes on every day in the average home.

There is very little chance that the pet store clerk you are dealing knows any more than taking your money and giving you your receipt. They don’t have any information or advice to offer and probably have no clue how to raise your puppy. Your puppy has never been out of its cage or at least out of the pet store and there will be a long and frustrating adjustment time for you and the puppy when you get it home.

If you get your Rottweiler puppy from a reputable Rottweiler breeder you can pretty much be sure that the puppy is in good health as breeders check for disease and any health issues. If there are problems later on the breeder will work with you to solve them.

To a pet store a puppy is a product supplied by a puppy mill. They have no idea if the puppy is healthy and, honestly, once you pay your money they do not care either. Your chances of an unhealthy puppy from a pet store are very high.

Until people start to realize what is really going on there will always be dogs suffering to bred more puppies just so pet stores can make their profit and grow their business.

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