How to Do Dog Leash Training

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Leashes are made up of cotton, nylon and leather. It is better to use leather for your as your dog can easily tare into pieces cotton leashes. Nylon leashes can slip from your hands easily and your dog can run away and may affect anyone including you too. Therefore, are the best as they neither slip from your hands soon nor your dog can tare them into pieces within minutes. During dog , a dog is taught to make a habit of having a leash on its neck.

When the dog wears first time leash on its neck in the beginning of , every single dog does not like leash and wants to get rid of it but as time passes, your dog does not feel irritation when it sees leash on its neck. All seize the leash when they wear it in the beginning, you should not stop your dog or beat it when it seizes its leash but let it seizing its leash. It is necessary for making successful dog because when your dog touches the leash, it comes to know that this leash does not affect it when it touches it and does not cause pain. Your dog will soon leave the habit of seizing the leash in this way and that is what you want to see during dog leash training.

Always tide loosely the leash on your dog’s neck. It is necessary to tide loosely the leash on your dog’s neck as if you are not around your dog and your dog tides more its tight leash, it may result in the suffocation and your dog will surely end but the result will not be the positive and according to your desires. Do not tie too much loosely the leash as in this case, your dog can take the leash inside its foot and the result will be once again the suffocation. Therefore, you should always be careful about tying the leash on your dog’s neck during dog leash training. Neither tie it too loose nor too tight. Tide the leash in such a way that the leash may not affect your dog even in your absence.

If you want to cut out the habit of seizing from your dog, never stop your dog when it seizes the leash as if your dog is stubborn, it will never stop seizing the leash but will seize it more. Therefore, let it seize and as time goes by, it will automatically stop seizing it. Another method of cutting out the habit of the seizing from your dog is that you should never catch tightly the leash when you take your dog anywhere with you as when your dog feels pain or irritation on its neck due to the leash, it will try to get rid of it permanently instead of developing the habit of having the leash permanently on its neck during dog leash training.

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