Beagle Grooming

by Michelle Adams

The exact origin of the of dog known as the is unknown but it is thought that sturdy breed descended from a blend of various English hunting dogs. The breed was registered with the (AKC) in 1885. Since that time the beagle has gained popularity not just for its hunting ability, but also for its appeal as a family pet.

Beagles have attractive physical characteristics; they have short, sleek fur (which makes grooming your beagle an easy chore), a sturdy body structure, and brown eyes with a characteristically sad expression. Beagles come in various colors but are usually portrayed as tri-colored in shades of black/white/tan.

Because of their short, easy to manage fur, grooming your beagle is a fairly easy task. A yearly bath and occasional dry shampoo is enough to keep these small dogs clean. The AKC and other beagle experts recommend several grooming techniques for this affable breed.

The ears, feet, and eyes along with the coat need consistent grooming. The long, pendulous ears are prone to infection as water and bacteria can easily become trapped inside. The may require more or less trimming depending on your dog’s . Beagle eyes need special care because their long eyelashes may become ingrown.

Beagles, like other dogs, require regular maintenance of their . These may require more or less trimming depending on your dog’s activity level. If are not trimmed, they may become infected and painful for your beagle to walk on. Eyes and eyelashes are another area that should be groomed. Beagle eyes have a characteristic sad expression. They are usually brown or hazel and have longer eyelashes than other dogs. It is important to make sure beagle’s eyelashes do not grow into his eye as surgery will be required to correct this condition.

Whether you groom your beagle at home or a professional pet groomer takes care of grooming your beagle, follow these guidelines to maintain your beagle’s target areas of ears, nails, and eyes. Remember that to care for his coat, brush him at least once weekly. Beagles rarely need to be bathed but can be dry-shampooed occasionally.

Your beagle’s need to be trimmed regularly just like any other dog breed. There is no set frequency for when nails should be trimmed since length depends on your beagle’s activity level. If you can hear his nails clicking on the floor it is probably a good time for trimming. If you choose to trim your beagle’s nails, use a quality nail clipper and make sure to have a special powder or cream to stop bleeding of any accidental cuts.

When grooming your beagle’s nails, trim them with a quality nail clipper. There is no set frequency for when should be trimmed since length depends on your beagle’s activity level. When you can hear your beagles’ nails clicking on the floor it is probably a good time for trimming. Use high-quality nail clippers and take your time. If your beagle is hard to handle when using nail clippers you may want to have a professional groomer do the clipping.

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