Yorkies And The Information You Need

are slowly but surely finding a way to squeeze into the hearts of millions of people around the world. This compact but very sturdy animal is a great addition to many homes because of their fun loving and outgoing nature.

Beware that this fearless little, yet very sturdy dog, is able to win your heart no matter what.

This small dog, who only weighs in at about five or six pounds and is the perfect size to be carried around in a book bag or doggy purse. And they certainly do eat up that attention, as this dog’s personality is extremely outgoing and certainly loves to live the pampered life. Their lively spirit is a wonderful addition to just about any home as they are lovely but also independent at the same time.

Even though someone may not think it at first, the can make an excellent guard dog for your home and for your family. Even though with their size, they may not be able to scare off a stranger, they can certainly alert you to the presence of danger by barking like crazy. It is because of their dedication to their home and family that the Yorkies are so vocal.

And although they are not very big in size, these little ones can make for excellent guard dogs, as they will always alert the owners when someone is approaching their home. They are very protective over their home and their family, which means there is another reason to make this precious pup apart of your family. Their is what will help make sure that you do not regret your decision to bring one home.

Even though it seems like Yorkies would get along with everyone, they tend to dislike small children. It is generally the fast and unswift movements made by children that can scare off the Yorkies. Remember, Yorkies are small in size and the way a child looks when he or she is jumping towards them must be a scary experience. When in fear of a child, it would not be uncommon for them to bite at the child, which could cause physical and emotional damage.

Yorkies are also sometimes hard to house train as that tends to come out. They seem to have a mind of their own at times and this can get in the way of a quick training, but that is not to say that they are not trainable at all.

But, that is not saying that it cannot be done. With consistency, anything can be accomplished. Also, if they had the choice, Yorkies would stay away from the cold and rain, as it is something that can’t stand.

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