Have You Had It With Dog Chewing?

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by Lacy Holly

Sick and tired of coming home just to find another designer shoe that has fallen victim to chewing? Well you have found the right place to come for help.

This article is going to cover the reasons your chews in the first place and how you can stop your chewing troubles for good. Not a moment too soon right? At least for the sake for your favorite slippers.

First off, this may be a shocker, but it is actually very natural for dogs to chew on things and it is really a passion for them. At least you now know he isn’t doing it out of revenge because you didn’t give him that he wanted this morning.

Make sure you start taking action to stop chewing as quickly as you can because this little habit can become quite dangerous. Your dog chewing through an electrical wire is a big risk and can hurt him pretty bad.

Thankfully, there are only a few reasons you is chewing in the first place. The main one is actually due to boredom. Your dog then starts to chew on things just to be entertained. If this is the case with your dog, give him some toys that are safe for him to chew on.

Separation anxiety is also a big factor. If you work all day and your is left at home alone, at least put on the radio or the television.

Your would probably rather watch Animal Planet than soap operas. However, anything is better than nothing.

When your is still a he will go through a teething stage. This is usually where the dog chewing habit develops so make sure to direct your dog to safe chew toys and away from everything else. The sooner you teach him, the better.

Fear can also cause your dog to chew on things. Make sure there is nothing that is causing your dog to be afraid or stressed out.

Comfort him as much as possible and if there is something scary that goes on while you are away from home, try and alleviate that in any way you can.

Make sure to let your dog watch some television while you are out so he doesn’t feel so alone. If you get nothing else out of this article, remember that he is not chewing on your things out of anger or to upset you.

You can stop dog chewing with a lot of , patience some a bit of training.

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