Recycle your plastic grocery bags into a dog leash

“How to flip those plastic that look to pile up a calme and also support preserve out of our landfills, 1 at a time!” You will not have to own a to make these, just donate what you make to your shelter or dog rescue. You can make this a course venture then permit the youngsters donate what the've produced to their or dog rescue, I am certain they would adore them for it!
Movie Rating: four / 5

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    • younitehumanity
    • January 17, 2012

    Great Vid…I think I will try that one day.

    • Mrphatbastard1
    • January 17, 2012

    Or you could just go to a pet store and buy a leash!!

    • anniepoonanie
    • January 17, 2012

    Neat Idea~! Now all I gotta do is find pink bags :)

    • Givingetting
    • January 17, 2012

    If everyone make a commitment to become a recycler will keep stuff out of landfills, help the city and country save money on garbage collection and in addition, it is also good for the environment and for the planet

    • RisuRoars
    • January 17, 2012

    You can use plastic bags kinda like newspaper for wrapping stuff. maybe if you’re desperate for packing material, but still!

    • benmit21
    • January 17, 2012

    That’s a really cool idea.

    • balcalihastanesi
    • January 17, 2012

    • hauntee
    • January 17, 2012

    Love it! Thanks for sharing the video 🙂 Would be great to donate to shelters I think!

    • bloodymuffin1025
    • January 17, 2012

    i tried this project just now but i didn’t glue em i used an iron and overlapped the bags about 2 inches and put aluminum foil underneath and on top and gave it a quick heating. but i didn’t make mine long enough so i turned it into a dog collar 😛

    • Trund27
    • January 17, 2012

    Very clever!!

    • darrenj1
    • January 17, 2012

    i cant help but think you have wasted more resources on glue production than you have saved with 20 odd bags which will take weeks to accumulate. Its an unreliable lead and looks dodgy, takes ages to make and requires tools such as glue, applier, dog hook etc

    • mooncat1965
    • January 17, 2012

    Very neat! I think I would fuse them with heat rather than glue as another viewer suggested, but yeah! Great project — thanks much 🙂

    • MignonB1
    • January 16, 2012

    Great idea, but I doubt that glue would really hold a dog leash together for very long unless it was just a very tiny toy dog. A lab or other large breed would pull the leash apart in seconds.

    • freefallun
    • January 16, 2012

    Once the leash is together it will hold a large dog, you must make sure everything is tight, not loose. First dog I used one on was a Great Dane in Obedience class, worked great. Please try it and watch my video on how to make a recycle bag leash without any glue, much faster and eaiser and just as strong as a nylon rope. 🙂 A friend makes them for her horses.

    • MyJazz1998
    • January 16, 2012

    now I can Recycle pastic bag! there’s alot of great things that u can do with plastic bags,and it can save our enviorment.:) Let’s Make the World BEtter:))

    • armybucket
    • January 16, 2012

    im pretty sur that will rip with a pit bull pulling i

    • ReluctantJediWarrior
    • January 16, 2012

    Whoa! That’s amazing! By any chance do you think this will work with a braiding strategy will be strong enough, for say… A 6 pound Chihuahua?

    • AmericanPitbulls1
    • January 16, 2012

    @freefallun This is about your leashes made of bags is it possible for you to make one and send it

    • freefallun
    • January 16, 2012

    I’ve never tried to braid the plastic bags…. I think though that this square knot would be much tighter and stronger even for a 6 lb Chihuahua. 🙂 Works great on my 12 lb Min Pin.
    My friend made one for her horse and has been using it for a couple of years now, she loves it.
    Be sure to watch my video on how to make this leash with out any glue!
    Thanks for watching!

    • freefallun
    • January 16, 2012

    @AmericanPitBulls, about your question, depends where are you located?? I’ve shattered my left hand a few months ago, but will be happy to try and make you a leash, it will just take me longer. 🙂

    • Harmony0102
    • January 16, 2012

    Thanks for taking the time to put this video together. It’s a great concept!!!!! I really appreciate your efforts!

    • freefallun
    • January 16, 2012

    @Harmony0102 Thank you Harmony for your kind words!

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