What You Need To Know About Yorkies

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by Susan Bailey

are making their way into the homes and hearts of more and more people every year as many people are beginning to see what this entire breed has to offer. This animal is extremely fun loving and gets along well with other or pets that may be currently in the home or that you would bring home later.

are generally not shy at all and take well to other people in the house and even to other animals. Living the pampered life is what Yorkies like to do best and whoever can offer this to them will be a friend forever.

With a full grown being able to still fit into a backpack or a doggy bag, this pup can go everywhere with their owner. And this is something that the pup would love as they love attention, in fact, they cannot seem to get enough of it. But don’t forget, even though they love attention, they also have a mind of their own and show this through their independence.

And with as much running and playing around that like to do, it is no wonder that they require daily brushing as their silky long coat can easily get matted and can become a problem if it is not taken care of properly. Also, as with any pup that loves being pampered, the Yorkies generally enjoy being cleaned in baths and with teeth brushing. To the Yorkies, any type of attention is good attention.

are also known for loving to run around the house or in circles at times, as they love their exercise. With all of this running around though, it is important that the Yorkies get the proper grooming that they need such as daily brushing of their long and silky coat. Without the daily brushing, their hair can get matted and end up a complete mess which will be hard to deal with. So by taking care of their coat on a regular basis, it will be so much easier.

As with any animal that has a great deal of independence in their system, Yorkies can be slightly difficult to housebreak but that is common for the breed. Now, they can be house broken but it just takes slightly longer then other types of small breed dogs. Also, make sure that your Yorkshire Terrier is wearing a sweater on rainy days, as they cannot stand the rain or any type of coldness.

And it is also because of their independence that they are sometimes hard to get house broken. Some people have experienced that Yorkies take a great deal more time and patience to housebreak.

It just takes the Yorkies a more time to get the hang of things. Yorkies also do not prefer to be in the rain or out in the cold so if heading outdoors, you may just want to grab their favorite sweater for comfort.

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