What Are Bulldog Allergies?

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by Bobby Callahan

There are hundreds of different breeds of dog that you can choose from, but the is by far one of the most popular. This is really no surprise, considering that both the appearance and personality of the Bulldog are so favorable. There are certain aspects to the breed that you will want to be aware of before purchasing one however, and in particular this refers to Bulldog allergies.

Bulldog allergies are actually very similar to , especially in the manner of the symptoms that are experienced. There are five different major types of Bulldog allergies, which are food allergies, flea allergies, bacteria allergies, and atopy. Food allergies are one of the most commonly reported Bulldog allergies, and occur when the dog consumes something that their body reacts negatively to. This could be the dog food that you are feeding them or human food if you tend to feed your dog scraps from the table.

Bulldog allergies can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms associated with them are often so general and subtle. They are often confused as being symptoms of another condition, and during this time the dog’s allergies continue to worsen and can even become potentially dangerous.

Avoidance is obviously the best way to keep your dog from having an allergic reaction, however it can be difficult to determine which specific ingredient in the food is causing the dog problems.

The best way to figure this out is to use the process of elimination. Read the list of ingredients that is listed on the label of the dog food, and then try out the separate ingredients one at a time with your dog until you determine which one specific ingredient is the one that they are allergic to. Then there are also the cases in which the dog is allergic to more than one ingredient, and this can be especially difficult.

Once you have determined which ingredients in the dog food are causing your Bulldog allergies, it is obviously going to be important for you to keep these foods away from your dog in the future. If you are still not sure afterwards which foods your dog is allergic to, you may want to speak to your veterinarian for more information, and they will be able to perform some routine tests to figure out just what your dog is allergic to.

Flea allergies are also very common Bulldog allergies, and you should know that allergies to fleas are actually not caused by the flea itself but rather is caused by the flea’s saliva.

The most common and noticeable symptom of flea allergies is scratching and so if you ever notice that your dog is itchier or more annoyed than usual, you may want to have them checked for fleas, and you can either have this done by a professional such as your veterinarian or you can do it yourself.

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