Pulling out a horse which fell into a ditch wherever it was blown by the concussion of a large shell-burst

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out a which fell a where it was blown by the concussion of a huge shell-burst
dog rescue
by Countrywide Library of Scotland
Pulling a horse out of a ditch, close to Reutel, Belgium. This picture displays a quantity of uniformed males attempting to pull a horse out of a ditch. They have put a spherical the horse and are making an to dig it out. A puppy and a few other men watch the whole operation cautiously. There are a number of autos noticeable in the length, travelling along the street parallel to the ditch.

This distinct rescue seems to be rather straightforward. In many circumstances, nevertheless, the rain and mud at the Front turned the landscape into a risky sea of mud which, merged with ditches and , could prove to be deadly.

[First reads: ‘OFFICIAL Photographs TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT. THE Fight OF BROODSEYNDE [Broodseinde]. Pulling out a horse which fell into a where it was blown by the concussion of a massive shell-burst. On highway to Reutel.’]


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    • Equina27
    • January 6, 2012

    poor horse was definitely cast in the ditch

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