Query about distinct dog leashes for agility instruction?

Concern by : Query about diverse dog for ?
I am getting my calendar year aged female pet dog to agility coaching and I have a pull tab for her and i seen an individual has this leash that has a take care of on it but it is extremely brief about possibly 6 inches to a foot and is black and adjustable and is just like you can drop it when carrying out things so the leash does not get tangled any notion what i am speaking about anybody and where i could look for equivalent tings?

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Not confident if they have the answer, but you can examine here:

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    • Dexter M - the killer dog
    • January 2, 2012

    It’s not really safe to have a dog on any leash while agility training. I think your Tab is the best option, I think you’ve gone with the best choice. A leash dragging behind a dog could get caught on one of the many obsticles involved in an agility course.

    Since she is new to agility, I can understand that you might be unsure of her off-leash skills. The best recommendation I can suggest is a very thin long line with no handle loop. The handle loop is what is most likely to get caught, so if it is just a rope, then it should follow behind her through the obsticles without catching on anything.

    I made my long line from thin guage nylon rope (the blue and white kind that floats, meant for trying up waterski handles to boats). http://www.webriggingsupply.com/pages/catalog/rope/derby.html
    It cost $ 2.99 for 50 ft. from Canadian Tire. I just cut the metal leash latch from an old 3/4″ dog leash off, and tied it to the rope. Then you can cut it to length, preferably very short so it doesn’t even touch her back legs.

    I have seen the short leads you are speaking of, they are called Heel Leads


    Hope that helps!

    • CGC Pit Bull
    • January 2, 2012

    I use a “handle leash” which is just what you described – No more than 12″ long. You can drop it, and your dog won’t trip over it.

    I got mine at Pet Smart, but most pet stores will have them.

    • BCDawgMa ~Love My Lyra~
    • January 2, 2012

    Sounds like a traffic lead, which is a very short leash, almost just a handle. Stick with your tab, it’s much safer on the equipment for your dog. A tab should only hang to the middle of the dog’s chest, no longer. Longer tabs or leashes can get caught on the equipment too easily. And either pull a jump over on a dog or hang them up on other equipment. Can seriously injure the dog or at the very least scare them as they are learning new things. Use the tab for off-leash work & then keep a leash handy to clip back on the dog in between turns or for any on-leash work.

    • Single Worker 1230
    • January 2, 2012

    Maybe this is it?

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