Puppy Teething Relief

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by Lee Dobbins

Every will go through a teething stage. Learning some simple techniques can make this painful time easier on both your puppy and you.

There are two stages at which a puppy has coming in. The first stage is when, at about three weeks old, they get their baby . This first set of teeth is generally not as prone to problems as when the adult set starts to come in. They will most likely appear without you even noticing.

Your puppy will begin to get adult at 6 months of age. The canines come in first, followed by the incisors and finally the pre-molars.

might have discomfort from teething, using your shoes and furniture as chew toys. You can help prevent this by providing some much needed puppy teething relief.

The chewing of anything by your puppy is a sign of discomfort. Many people will consider this normal, however, it is a sure sign of teething

Chewing is something that all puppies do naturally and there are some things that can be done to help your puppy and your furniture. There is some gel medicine that you can get from your vet that might help the puppy’s pain. When the puppy feels less pain they will chew less. Get new chew toys and only allow the puppy to play with those. If the puppy is chewing on a chair leg for instance, take a chew toy and place it in front of the puppy, more likely than not the puppy with take the chew toy and leave your chair leg alone.

One thing that will feel good on your puppy’s gums is the cold. So try freezing some of his chew toys overnight and offering them to him in the morning. This will hopefully lessen both the swelling and the discomfort in the gum area. It’s best to have a large selection of toys and always rotate them through the freezer so there is always a cold one ready and waiting for your puppy.

Puppy teething lasts a minimum amount of time, but is very uncomfortable and painful for your puppy, not to mention the stress on you. Try easing the ’s discomfort by offering him an old shoe to chew on for some old fashioned puppy teething relief. Save these old shoes as they will come in handy when you try to teach your puppy proper leash training at a later time.

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