Boulevard Stripe Education Puppy Collar

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Boulevard Stripe Training Canine Collar

Puppy Collar. Traditional and easy, this dog is for the . A fashionable substitute to ordinary instruction collars, our Martingale-style collars offer the extra control required for rowdier pups or individuals who are likely to slip their collars. Never forget the matching leash! Sizing: S: ten-14 in. M: 14-18 in. L: eighteen-22 in. Lengths indicate adjustable duration of nylon portion of collar without having thought of chain length. The chain when stretched to its fullest extent provides an further to collar size. (i.e. a modest collar modified to 14 in. will truly have a of 18 in. when the chain is not pulled.
Checklist Price: $ 29.00
Price: $ 29.00

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