Can you tell me about dog show leashes?

Issue by : Can you me about pet dog demonstrate ?
I have observed dog leashes known as Slip Leads or Martingale leads becoming used at dog shows. It appears to retain the dog's head up and amount.

Can these same leads be used for non-show use?

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    • ragapple
    • December 20, 2011

    the lead used for whippets (also many very small breeds) is so * @# thin (piece of string) that I can’t keep a comfortable grip on it, so no I don’t use it daily. though I DID use a hot pink show lead for rally excellent in an effort to make the lead more spottable when I needed it fast at the end of the class to get it for honor ( it was invariblly draped over the ring gate anywhere not same place twice )

    • Shaniece
    • December 20, 2011

    Of course. Where you can use these at shows, Can also be used for personal usage on walks with your dogs, However, Myself my dogs only have there show collars/leads on at shows. so they know, Show lead, Show standard. Show leads are very good, and most deffinatly worth the money. Hope this helped x

    • ∞CHAO§∞ Bird Dawgs and Bullies
    • December 20, 2011

    I am not a fan of martingales so I can’t tell you about them. But you sure can use slip leads for non-show use. I always use slips when I am not going to far or need to grab a dog fast. I hardly ever use slips as show leads, unless it is someone else’s dog and that is what they give me to use.

    • Cassie
    • December 20, 2011

    Yes, but I would not recommend a slip lead for non-show use. They can easily become dangerous if put on incorrectly and do not use these slip leads on small dogs. I show agility dogs and am a Junior Handler and I have quite a collection of these different types of show leads. We use these leads to speed up ring times, getting in and out, and securing our dogs long enough to get back to our crating areas. I only use these leads on my way to the ring. Any other time, I have a harness and clip lead on my dogs. The slip leads are quite easy to get out of, especially if your dog gets excited. A shake of the head and your dog can be free (My Sheltie is the master of escaping from these things so I no longer use one on him) Martingale’s are more secure and gentle on a dog’s throat, and more preferable to use outside of the ring. Most of the time at a traditional conformation show, they use very fine leads, jewelry, and these other leads on the dogs. Its usually not the leads keeping the dogs’ head up, but the position of the lead on the sensitive part of the dog’s neck, right behind the head and ears.

    • brussel sprout farmer
    • December 20, 2011

    Yes, but the best ones are either nylon or leather for dogs that have bad leash manners. Slip leads also do what they say, slip. They can easily come off if there is too much slack.

    • DaBasset *do not feed trolls*
    • December 20, 2011

    Sure. I almost always put show leads on my dogs when we go out. They have good leash manners, so the size and type of leash we use doesn’t matter.

    Or you can buy Martingale style collars for regular use as well.

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