Chihuahua Types – There’s A Type Of Chihuahua For Everyone

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by Lee Dobbins

Everyone is familiar with the tiny breed, but what many people don’t know is that there are different types of Chihuahua . At one time these tiny canines were considered sacred to the Aztec tribes, but today they are mostly a pampered pet. Chihuahua dogs were discovered in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The smallest of dog breeds, there are far more Chihuahua types than people realize. Their popularity has really grown in recent years with all the publicity of celebrities and their pet Chi’s. Although these dogs are small in stature small, they have quite a big personality!

Fawn, chocolate, cream, silver, blue, and black are the wide range of available for Chihuahua. These may be apple-heads or deer-heads. A very round skull, short snout, and close-set eyes describe an applehead Chihuahua. Whilst the deer head Chihuahua are accompanied by a longer nose and they often look a miniature Doberman Pinscher.

The American Kennel Club recognizes both longhaired and shorthaired types of Chihuahua dogs. Shorthaired can be identified by a smooth coat and generally experience limited shedding or malting. They also are likely to have a slight bend or curvature in the tail. Longhaired have ears that are fringed with fur, a long fluffy tail and have a soft coat that can have either flat or curly hair.

The terms ‘mini’ or ‘teacup’ are regularly used by breeders. While this is useful for marketing, technically all Chihuahua types are toy varieties. Because tiny dogs sell so well, breeders have been competing to get the smallest dog possible. People sometimes get duped into paying a fortune, thinking that the ‘pocket size” ones are extra rare and, in fact, these smaller dogs might have additional health issues.

The 10th most popular breed in the US, the Chihuahua is quite intelligent. Standing 6-9 inches tall they weigh up to six pounds. Although short in stature they are very protective of their owners and territorial. The Taco Bell commercials has made the tan shorthaired Chihuahua, most popular Chihuahua type.

Chihuahuas are great if you live in a small residence. They are long-lived (16 years or more). The shorter-haired Chihuahuas need to keep warm, especially while sleeping, so they like to sleep under a blanket. One friend has a Chihuahua that is so emphatic about being covered that he growls at her if uncovered!

It is believed that Chihuahuas may be the oldest breed of dog to exist in the American continents. A slighter larger breed of Chihuahua existed in the 2nd century BC, and was known as a symbol of the upper class. It was probably bred with miniature Chinese dogs which the Spanish introduced to the New World.

Whatever type of Chihuahua you locate through your search, be careful not to pass up this faithful and fun-loving breed. Chihuahuas are dedicated pets and cherished companions. With a Chihuahua by your side, you will be loved and entertained for many years. Let me warn you, however – it’s hard not to want more than one!

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