Make Bath Time Fun for Your Dog

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Some seem to enjoy bath time, while others appear to hate it with a passion and will run and hide behind the sofa at the mere mention of the word. But is there a way to make baths more fun for your so that he actually enjoys it, or at the very least tolerates it a little better?

Getting the dog in the bath is often the biggest struggle, so you might try and make a out of it to get the dog excited. Failing that you could always trick him into jumping in the bath by throwing a toy into it. Rewarding your dog with a small treat once he’s in the bath can also help to break the negative association with bath time and make the animal think of it as something more positive or at least, in human terms, having a ‘’.

It may sound silly, but using a soothing tone to talk to your dog can also work wonders for keeping him or her calm. Conversely, if you get frustrated and shout at the dog, you may only make it more nervous about bath time.

Think about what dog shampoo you use

You should also think about the type of dog shampoo you use. Some may, for whatever reason, dislike the scent of a particular shampoo. If your dog appears to react negatively once the shampoo is being applied, it may be worth trying out a different one. Of course, you should consider what dog shampoo is right for your dog’s fur and what will keep it in a good .

Once bath time’s over, it’s a good time to dig out the dog grooming supplies, such as combs and clippers, so that you can get it looking its best, and get all of the the dog dislikes out of the way in one go. You might also consider using dog coats on walks, particularly during the winter and in , to keep the dog’s fur in good condition and reduce the number of dreaded baths that need to be taken.

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