500 Earth Friendly Waste Bags two Rolls Poop Bags Doody Bag Puppy Waste 8″ X 14″

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Q&A: What do you guys do when your dog poops when you’re on a walk?

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I like: Eco Friendly Dog Pick Up Bag Dispenser

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Q&A: Can you mix dried dog poop in with yard waste collected in the compostable big paper bags?

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Question by Emmery N: Can you dog poop in with collected in the compostable big bags? The compostable that are supplied for this are the same as what your putting in it…they rip and you can only put a small amount in each.. Best answer: Answer by carolwhy […]

I like: Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills

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Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills Eco Friendly Pick Up Bag Refills. Let your pet do their business while keeping the neighborhood a cleaner environment with our Eco Friendly Dog Pick Up Bags. Waste bags are made from Biobase, a plastic alternative made from cornstarch resin, for a sustainable, recycleable and renewable pick up bag. […]

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