Beardman owned by zapping puppy collar!

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Beardman assessments out the anti-barking pet and his to conquer all the zap amounts. A great giggle!!

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    • ika97extreme
    • December 2, 2011

    Ahahaha was that an awesome night dude!!
    So funny tho 😀

    • 0FXproductions0
    • December 2, 2011

    Hahaha 😛 awesome!

    • MrKekez
    • December 2, 2011


    • Moonyman213
    • December 1, 2011

    Poor guys gonna have a heart attack!…Everytime he barks, it looks as if he was starting to levitate.

    • schwinnprotocol
    • December 1, 2011

    Haha that was funny I can’t believe he kept going that long

    • Michi333333333
    • December 1, 2011

    haha soo great!

    • ChristyG42
    • December 1, 2011

    Sooooooo funny 😀 This should totes go viral!

    • Clemsonkilz
    • December 1, 2011

    Hahahaha now let’s try it on the cat

    • Clemsonkilz
    • December 1, 2011

    How much u want to bet the cat doesnt bark?

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