What dog accessories do I need?

Issue by Radio : What do I need to have?
I'm adopting a dog in 2 weeks, and I want to know what equipment I will want for him?
Here is what I've believed of currently:

Pet dog shampoo & conditioner

What else?
He is two many years outdated, and I'm not too keen on crate teaching him. He is previously had a difficult existence, I want him to experience protected & loved. Crates throw me off a tiny little bit.

Ideal :

Solution by Jenifer
you might want to provide a thing from his property that he is at now. Like a favourite toy or his blanket. This will support him alter to his new home better.

You also want to make certain you get a license for the dog, not just the one particular with his name and range, but also sign-up him with your county's (most counties call for this for ).

Make an appointment to deliver the dog to the vet inside 48 hours of bringing him property. This will be a effectively check out-up and to establish him with your vet.

Is this a puppy or an adult? You could need wee pads for the puppy.

You will also want a kennel, if you plan on crate coaching him.

Greatest of luck to you!

Know greater? Depart your in the responses!

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    • bre
    • October 22, 2011

    puppy trianing pads , food and water bowls

    • Dog Chick
    • October 22, 2011

    Most important thing to a happy adjustment.

    • becky
    • October 22, 2011

    Register your dog if you live in a city or town. This protects you and your dog should they go for a romp and get lost. Most towns require it and it ensures you get your loved one back when they stray. oh, and some cities have ordinances about using a pooper scooper to clean up after them when you take them out for a walk.
    Other than that, your puppy just wants your love and time. I did invest in a dog kennel, because at first we had some issues about what was allowed in the house when I wasn’t there, hee hee, (she grew out of it) …. and it also comes in great for travelling if you take your doggie with you, or even for transporting to the vet if they don’t travel well. .
    I’ve always had pets and they are so wonderful. they give as much as they get.

    • HyPeR GiRlY94
    • October 22, 2011

    i would buy a brush if he/she has long hair.
    and you pretty much already have everything else you need :]

    • Amie
    • October 22, 2011

    Dog treats and a brush. Everything else you already have on that list.

    • chalbri
    • October 22, 2011

    The best thing is to go to a pet store. They will usually have a list of things right there for you. I went to Petsmart, and not only did they give me a list for new puppies, someone walked around with me the whole time and mentioned what things I could get cheap, and which ones I needed to get better quality with.

    Check and see what food the dog is eating already. It’s a good idea to buy the same thing, then if you want to switch, do it gradualy.

    • ♥KENDRA™
    • October 22, 2011

    thats all really.

    • mandi68@sbcglobal.net
    • October 22, 2011

    Other than lots of love, I think you have it covered, you sound like you will be a great “Dog Mom”! Thanks for “adopting” a dog, that is just great of you. The one thing I just thought of is maybe a gate or two depending on how much you plan to let the dog roam your home…other than that you are set it seems! Oh, and some dog cookies! hahahaha Good luck with your new pup!

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