Pulling out a horse which fell into a ditch exactly where it was blown by the concussion of a massive shell-burst

out a which a where it was by the of a shell-burst
dog rescue
Picture by Nationwide Library of Scotland
Pulling a horse out of a ditch, near Reutel, Belgium. This image exhibits a range of uniformed males making an attempt to pull a horse out of a ditch. They have placed a strap round the horse and are attempting to dig it out. A puppy and a handful of other guys observe the entire operation cautiously. There are a range of vehicles visible in the distance, travelling along the road parallel to the ditch.

This specific rescue looks rather easy. In several situations, nonetheless, the rain and mud at the Front turned the landscape into a dangerous sea of mud which, combined with ditches and shell holes, could confirm to be fatal.

[Original reads: ‘OFFICIAL Images TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT. THE BATTLE OF BROODSEYNDE [Broodseinde]. Pulling out a horse which fell into a ditch in which it was blown by the concussion of a big shell-burst. On street to Reutel.’]

digital.nls.united kingdom/74547822

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