Reviews On Dog Training Books

Reviews On Dog Training Books
by Tim Whistle

When you see a badly behaved in the street we are embarassed for the owner and upset if the dog is a nuisance to us. Nobody likes a badly behaved dog.

You could employ a dog trainer to train your dog but you might prefer to build a great bond with your dog by teaching and training your dog yourself. Even if you have never trained a dog before with the right advice you can soon learn how to train your dog.

There are classes available in most areas and this might be an option you want to consider. You will need to start training at the start of the course and that may not be for a while and you will need to go regularly each week with your dog for the weekly sessions.

When you are training your dog it is important to praise your dog when your dog is responding well to your instruction. If he, or she, does really well gives lots of praise and a little .

When you demonstrate to your dog how pleased with him, you are by telling him what a good boy he is and patting him and having with him it makes him happy. He will remember how happy he felt when he did things right and will try extra hard next time to do everything just right.

Having a pocket full of dog treats can help with your dog training. When your dog has done what you commanded particularly well give him a dog treat as an extra bonus for doing so well. He will remember and learn that by trying really hard to do as required he might earn an extra treat.

Avoid hitting or yelling at your dog as this is counter productive because all it does is confuse and upset him. Praise when he does well and just remain calm and quiet when things don’t go so well. Be gentle yet firm. Speak gently when you issue a command but do it in firm way. You must him you are the but always show him your affection.

Try to develop a regular routine for your dog training. A short contructive period every day is far better than a long session once a week which may leave your dog tired and confused. Keep the training to short periods and just practice one thing at a time.

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