Would you dress your puppy up in funny costumes?

by : you gown your pet up in humorous ?
I know Halloween is more than so this is a tiny late. But, would you dress your canine up in a ‘funny' or if not, do you assume it really is cruel when proprietors dress up their dogs?

Right here are some images I located that created me laugh





Or, a far more straightforward costume –

Very poor dog!

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    • Zizzler
    • October 16, 2011

    Eh. I think it depends on the costume and how long the dog wears it. We dressed our dog up as a jailbird this halloween (he is a puppy so it fit quite well). I don’t think that it was cruel b/c all it was was a shirt that has black and white stripes on it… just like a sweater or shirt you would see someone put on your dog. I don’t see it as a huge cruelty to dress up your dog for a couple hours for the trick or treaters in the neighborhood. My dog loved the attention he got and the shirt warmed him up for when he was running around outside with the kids.

    I don’t think its right when an owner puts a costume on a dog that you can tell doesn’t like it… like a weird hat, or things hanging off the costume, or constricting in anyway. That is just my opinion though.

    • Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS
    • October 16, 2011

    I tried it for a party this Halloween party this year the costumes lasted about 15 minutes, totally ridiculous on my part but I learned.

    • Sahaj
    • October 16, 2011


    • Megziebananas
    • October 16, 2011

    F*ck no! Dressing dogs up for any reason is cruel. Its not natural and must cause them some distress. The only reasonable way to ‘dress’ dogs is to put a sweater on them for winter walks, as somebody mentioned. The last picture is the worst. The eye holes aren’t even properly shaped and the dog’s head must be hot and probably stuffy.
    The first picture made me a bit sad cos’ you can tell by the dog’s eyes that he’s frustrated and uncomfortable.
    MegzieB 0_0

    • ashley
    • October 16, 2011


    • Darkest Star
    • October 16, 2011

    It is not cruel, if the outfit does not impede the dog, make it too hot or in anyway physically hurt it. However I would draw the line before some of the outfits shown. The Darth Vader one had me very close to buying it but I guess my dog’ll have to make do with the clothes it already has. By the way people dress their babies and toddlers in far more ridiculous costumes than the ones shown and no one ever says they are cruel.

    • *~ATL Braves Baby Girl~*
    • October 16, 2011

    I personally think its mean…For halloween for an hour or so, its ok.. but for any other reason.. its silly and mean. You mean to tell me that that dog/cat is comfortable and happy??.. heck no.

    The only thing my dogs wear is sweaters in chilly/cold/snowy weather.

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